HealthLeaf App

Doing your annual health check-up ?
Visiting your Doc, multiple Labs or Specialists or getting 2nd opinion from that far-off cousin ?
Make sure your Data is not lost, locked in a file or the Hhospital system.Get a paper copy or a PDF from your Provider. Bring all your Clinical Reports together so you have a “complete” History with you – always.

Just take a picture of your Paper Report or attach the PDF
– Let HealthLeaf organize the Reports for you
– Interact with your Data on your Phone
– Visually see your progress
– Not just the here & now, but over months & years, ‘coz health & habits take time
– Share with your Doctor
– Soon add data from your device or wearable and co-relate with your vitals or Labs.
HealthLeaf works across Doctors, Labs, Clinics or Hospitals and can read, co-relate the Lab Results across Providers. Your Data is securely stored on the cloud and can be accessed from any device with your email and password. Simple and light – if you can use email, FB or WhatsApp you can use HealthLeaf.

What can I do with HealthLeaf ?

“Disease: dis-ease … when your body is NOT at ease. When something is off balance”
“Health: Homeostasis: The Property of a system (body) in which variables are regulated within normal ranges.”

Make sure your everything is in balance and as it should be
Be Healthy: BMI, BP, Blood Counts, Calcium, Vitamins, Electrolytes, Salts
Manage Diabetes: Sugar, HBA1C
Monitor Heart Health: Cholesterol, Triglycerides, Lipids
Take care of Liver, Kidney, Thyroid: BUN, Creatinine, TSH and other key markers

Download the App today – use it for yourself or help a loved one.